In October 2005 I took up a job in my local online newspaper. Starting from the very bottom as a lowly tea / errand boy I began to work my way up through a number of different jobs, eventually becoming the head of content creation and website development.

Fast forward 10 years and unfortunately for me that company has become the latest victim of the recession and I find myself once again beginning from the very bottom.

This might be the ultimate kick in the teeth for many a person but for me at 39 years old I see it as the beginning of the next chapter in my life. Although I didn’t have many people to answer to, the freedom of not having to answer to anybody other than myself is like no other I have ever experienced before.

To wake up at eight in the morning and not having to worry about what to wear, how my hair looks or if I will make it to work on time has always been the ultimate goal of mine and one that I am about to grasp with two hands.

I have started this blog to inspire not only myself but others in the same boat and show that with a little ingenuity and a lot of dedication that just about anybody can acquire “the American dream”.

You don’t have to have a great level of experience to set up a blog like Sophisticatedhokum. It’s really pretty simple - just learn what you need to learn and the rest can be outsourced. And as you will see through the various posts here on Sophisticatedhokum you can pretty much blog about whatever you like and nobody is going to tell you off.

Since I am quite a complex person and have a number of different interests I thought it would be good to begin with something that I care about and so the first post that I created was on marijuana seeds. This happened to be a time in my life where I had the good ingesting this substance although I no longer entertain the habit now.

If you feel like joining me on a similar journey then why not seize the opportunity and do a similar website yourself? Carpe Diem, or seize the day is my motto and one that I always preach to those who are in need of a little motivation.

Trees each day as if it were your last always have a plan in mind and never be happy with where you are in life. That is the main focus behind Sophisticatedhokum and if you could just take one piece of advice from us then seizing the day would be the best of all.


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